written by Emma Workman Bolt

There are 2.7 million unpaid carers in Australia
— Australian Bureau of Statistics (2012) Survey of Disability, Ageing & Carers
It is predicted that 1 in every 6 people in Australia will suffer a stroke in their lifetime.
— www.strokefoundation.com.au/

Yielding explores what these statistics mean when viewed through the prism of an aging mother and her adult daughter - dignity, social isolation, personal autonomy, euthanasia and consequence, the repositioning in familial relationships after trauma.  

There is no discrimination to becoming a carer or suffering a stroke. There is no demographic, sector or group that will remain untouched by the issues dissected within Yielding.

With the assistance of Carer’s Queensland Yielding will be informed by the lived experiences of their members. Content will be generated through conversations during the Reading Tours and incorporated into the Staged Productions.

Mentoring and creative peer critique of Yielding will take place at Metro Arts, Brisbane as part of their In Development program.  Nationally respected dramaturg Peter Matheson will participate in a week of intensive Script Development.  Susan Prince and Kathryn Ash both having established careers within the Queensland theatre sector will be employed for the duration of the Script Development, Reading Tours and Staged Production.