Thread - Seed

For a reason which escapes me, as a support worker I’ve worked with/walked along side/hung out with many more men than women. Young men who have had difficulty navigating the mire of puberty when compounded with severe cognitive impairment, ASD, anxiety in all its manifestations and numerous other diagnosis.  For some, it is a wild and confusing period which eventually settles into a new normal. An understanding is gained of strength, personal & social boundaries and fundamentally a core sense of safety which affords them calm. For others, it can lead to an awakening of a beast so powerful that bonds created with in a family are obliterated. This is not to say there is intention or malice behind these actions - it is simply to state that these actions take place and reconciling them for families is close to impossible. 

A son who, with full awareness of his actions and their consequences, lashes out at his Mother is a cock-rocket of the highest order.

A son who, confronted with sensations he can’t reconcile lashes out at the first thing closing in on him, which happens to be his Mother’s face..... well then that is something else entirely.

The relinquishment to the State of children and young people with a disability happens. It’s rarely discussed. Information is held in the cloistered world of bureaucratic red tape and skewed interpretations of Right to Privacy policies. It is entombed by shame and self doubt leaving families, grappling with the decision to go through with it themselves, stranded. Misinformation and fear mongering by Community Services and Government Departments keeps some families dancing on the edge of someone’s death.

They were the unspoken stories I wanted tell.

Often children with a disability are invisible in their communities as a result of the marginalisation and social isolation experienced by their families. A gradual loss of community and social cohesion has seen the contracting of natural networks within communities who would have in the past provided support. Where once a neighbour would have lent a hand and found ways to help out a family in distress, today that same neighbour will report concerns to authorities.
— Senate Inquiry into Out Of Home Care - Submission 43 presented by Endeavour Foundation October 2014