Let’s Speak Of The Unspoken

A place for people to see their similarities and acknowledge shared stories.

Concept created by Emma Workman Bolt.

all LSOTU images courtesy of Caco Photography

all LSOTU images courtesy of Caco Photography


To create a performance model which will generate space for the marginalised to be heard through the staged readings of new works created and informed by consultation and lived experience. Audiences will see glimpses of the unspoken realities of the forgotten amongst us.


Let’s Speak Of The Unspoken (LSOTU) focuses on subjects that are generally avoided:  the torment left on loved ones by suicidal thoughts; the confronting choices for parents of ‘uncontrollable’ boys with autism; sexuality and disability; women choosing / refusing childlessness; the realities hidden in the industry that is Supported Care.

LSOTU will generate a catalogue of contemporary, socially inquiring and reflective one act plays through Reading Tours to regional areas and intimate Staged Productions. Partnerships between arts organisations, state-wide advocacy groups, regional councils and community support networks will inform the development of each script.  Sustainable employment opportunities will be generated for regional artists in diverse disciplines working within a ‘grass roots’ applied theatre context.

LSOTU will develop awareness and connectivity across all states and territories. Through the engagement of regional artists, existing connections will be utilised between regional theatre companies and festival bodies in Tasmania and Northern NSW before further broadening the scope.  The development of existing theatre audiences, establishing new media platforms and engagement with varying community sectors is key to the longevity of LSOTU.


1.    To create work of artistic and social merit. 

2.    To provide sustainable employment and career development for regional artists.

3.    To foster interest and belief in theatre’s ability to engage with regional communities.

4.    To further connections and support networks for contributors, collaborators and audiences via social media.