Yielding - Professional Development @ Metro Arts

aka - Alone in a room with reams of butchers paper.

I don't know how anybody else works but I find that surrounding myself with space and paper and fat nibbed textas is very conducive to 'perfect world planning'.  

Let me preface this - too late I know - by saying that I have not professionally developed myself - ever.  So being taken through the  induction to the Metro  Arts space meant I did a lot of head nodding and 'oh ok's.  All I knew for sure was that a space was mine.  The deep basement space of cheap pine ply, industrial air conditioner drone and buzz key entry was going to feel like home with in 20 mins of me throwing down my bag - and it did.

My aims were

  • to distill the recordings of the Carers QLD interviews into key concerns/topics to later weave into the script of Yielding
  • create a concept brief for Let's Speak Of The Unspoken. 
  • develop funding strategies.
  • research Community Cultural Development projects.

Metro Arts offered great guidance in regards to CCD projects and contacts.  It felt strange at first to be articulating what it is I was wanting to achieve.  For so long, I had been having conversations in my head.  In those discussions I was alway succinct, witty and knowledgeable.  Somehow, when the conversation involved a real person, my thoughts would clang about, falling out of my mouth half-formed and spoken without taking breath.  I calmed down after the second day - I think. Metro Arts may have a different recollection.

At the end of the 5 days I had a clear vision of LSOTU. I could see the steps I would need to take.  I accepted early on that I would need to self-fund the initial stages, but knowing the direction I will take this project, I'm not too concerned (famous last works) that I won't be able to generate funding via small community grants.  

This is a long term project for me.  Generating my own work and providing employment opportunities for artists is high on my 'to do' list.