Yielding - The Seed

To be forgotten, passed over, even openly ridiculed for attempting to participate in a world that wants you to stay quiet and out of sight in crushing.  It isn’t until we are personally affected, when a loved one can no longer look after themselves, that we begin to comprehend the magnitude of the responsibilities taken on by these forgotten, unheard many.  Each deserves the respect and acknowledgement of us, the lucky few with energy still to shout above the din.

There are 2.7 million unpaid carers in Australia.
— ABS (2012) Survey of Disability, Ageing & Carers
It is predicted that 1 in every 6 people in Australia will suffer a stroke in their lifetime
— source - strokefoundation.com.au

I want Yielding to explore what these statistics mean when viewed through the prism of an ageing mother and her adult daughter - dignity, social isolation, personal autonomy, euthanasia and consequence, the repositioning in familial relationships after trauma.  

There is no discrimination to becoming a carer or suffering a stroke. There is no demographic, sector or group that remains untouched.